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“It was the best lesson of unconditional love, trustful intimacy with other people that should be taught in the kindergarten!!
It was a pure ecstasy.
I can’t even express how grateful I am for this experience. Thank All of you For opening my eyes to the other dimension of life.
Thank you. I love you. And I set you free.
I wish EVERYONE to experience what I’ve gone through at least once in their life…”

Natalia S

“Kobi holds a safe, loving and compassionate space. I deeply appreciate his strong presence and dedication to the heart. He guided us to gently explore polarity, presence and boundaries in a fun and uplifting way. 11m super grateful for his Tantra Heart Workshops and the healing I experienced. “

Carrie Stiles, Good Karma Media

“The workshop was a heart opening and heart warming experience for me. Kobi has a patient way of establishing a welcoming space of trust to meet beautiful shivas and shakes alike….”

Kathi PI

“Many thanks Kobi for such a beautiful and heart-opening journey! I was a bit nervous to join, but the whole time I felt very safe, supported and empowered. It is clear how pure and heart-driven your teachings are. It was a wonderful sacred space to play and explore my heart’s closures and openings… I
loved how I experienced many emotions ranging from resistance to bliss… and how the group intention full-presence allowed me to sit with my truth in each moment. I highly recommend the workshop and am happy to talk with anyone who might be considering joining upcoming events.”

Charlotte Ven Hemert​